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Web development

Here are some of my web related projects and blog posts.


    This is an extension for chrome that converts a rss file into a nice looking html page.
  • Pong in HTML5!
    The classic Pong game made with the HTML5 elements canvas and audio!
  • Kompilera.nu
    Kompilera.nu is a swedish site about programming and compiling. The idea with the site is to help beginners to start code and compile source code.
  • Tenax Gaming
    Big multi gaming clan site made by David Laurell and Fabian Sörqvist.
  • Disharmoni
    Design for a friends pirate metal band.
  • RedBear
    A design and cms for the movie company RedBear

Blog posts

Web design updated

I have redesigned the whole site. Some work is still left. Mobile version is coming soon!