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OpenID is an ID that you can use to login to multiple sites. The great thing with that is that you only need to remember one password and not different passwords for all the sites you want to login to!

My site is now using OpenID for posting comments. Took me all day to set up a comment system and write my OpenID code. I'm using the janrain-library which is open source and was very simple to set up. Good examples and stuff!

If you login with your OpenID on my site, you can post comments to my blog posts. You can also go to a page and view your last written comments.

I'm also planning to do a simple CAPTCHA for people that does'nt have an OpenID and doesn't want to get one just for posting a simple comment here.

Maybe you already have an OpenID?

If you have a Wordpress or LiveJournal blogg you can login into my site using your blog adress! Yahoo! is another of a site that has openID support and support is coming from Google and Microsoft soon!

That means almost everyone is going to have an OpenID and not know it! That of course is something we must change!

Where can I get one easily?

I recommend that you get one on myOpenID.com where it's very simple to set up an account! This site also have personas which lets you send different information about yourself to sites that you login to. When you do this registration forms can be filled in automatically for example. This site only uses the 'fullname' field and fills that in the comment form when available.


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