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Tenax Gaming


In the end of high school the janitor of my school contacted Fabian Sörqvist to do a site for gamers. Short after I, David Laurell, asked if I could join. The thought was instead of doing a big community site for ourselves, that we had originally planned, we could make it for a gaming association instead. The site was released the 15 october, 2007. The design was made by Lyrstrand.

What is Tenax Gaming?

Tenax is a multi gaming clan site for gamers. Professional or not doesn't matter. Everyone can join the site. If you want to play in a team you only have to pay a small member fee and you are ready to go! Some of the good teams are competing for real money and if you are good enough you can be in one of those! The site offer your own profile, a big forum with lots of things to discuss, gaming news and a lot of more stuff.

The system behind

The whole site is built on PHP 5 and mysql. We have also used some open source framework such as Prototype js, Scriptacalous and the FCKeditor. We have built our own framework in PHP that have functions for making it easier to make SQL-queries and get results from them. It also uses Smarty to make templates for our different type of pages.

Another thing with the site is that we tried to make the whole site as Search Engine Optimized as possible. All the URLs on the site is rewritten by mod_rewrite.

Some other techniques we have used is Ajax with the help of prototype js. When you search on the site you get results while you are writing something in a textfield. Mostly all of the administrator interface use Ajax too.

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