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Swedish translation for NoseRub complete

NoseRub is a decentralized community which means that you have control over your data and NoseRub just acts like a Hub of information. There is some stuff you can to on the site like microblogging but most of the content is done off site.

I have checked in NoseRub from time to time and it's looking really good now. So I decided to start translate NoseRub to Swedish. I did this because I got tired of coding my own community site from scratch.

I have translated every sentence in the NoseRub project to Swedish but I'm unsure of some of the translations. Also what do you translate "feed" to in Swedish?

My idea was to upload this project to my site Fjortisstorm and get people to add their different accounts they have around the web. With version 0.8 of NoseRub which was released just this weekend, NoseRub now have support for identi.ca which is a very nice and open source microblogging service! My twitter status on top of my page is now updated from my identi.ca profile which is in turn updated through XMPP. I have added a bot from identi.ca and can now send my identi.ca posts to that bot using my gtalk account and it updates my identi.ca profile which I think is really cool!

Instead of just sending my updates to twitter and other sites like facebook I can now "send" it to my NoseRub account too!

I don't know if all my translations made it for NoseRub 0.8 but you can now download it for your site (in Swedish if you want) and be a part of the decentralized network!


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