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Openmoko size comparisons

A while ago, I and a friend disgusted how much bigger the just released open source phone Openmoko Freerunner were than our current phones.

I found this cool site that compares different sized boxes that you can decide by yourself. Here is a comparison with the Iphone and OpenMoko phone Neo1973, the Sony Ericsson W880i and Nokia 6230i phone.

As the openmoko phone is only slightly thicker and a little more wide, I found out that it wasn't that much bigger. When I saw it at the at the Free Software Conference Scandinavia or FSCONS last year, I was amazed how small it was.

I'm waiting for the consumer version to be released as I don't want to have buggy software and missing features. Money is also a problem for me right now as the phone costs $400. It's a great open phone that I will buy in the future!

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