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RSS2HTML 0.1.4 released!

My Chrome extension that I started making around new years eve has now been updated and rewritten from the ground up.

The problem that some feeds not being shown is now solved by instead of using a content script using the tabs api and just updating the current tab where there is a feed.

This made the code much more simple and the speed of converting to a feed much faster!

Also made the extension free software be licensing it with GPLv3 so you can see how It's made and use some of the code if you want. I myself think that the code is very simple but it could be of some use to someone out there!

Of course, I hope you guys like the extension and have use for it too!

Download the extension and check it out!

HTML5 Pong updated with license and new graphics

I got an email by an employee on Ericsson today, asking if he could use the code of my HTML5 Pong. Thinking that this could be modified and published somewhere I started to clean up the code a little and started to change the graphics.

I have also added a License to the game so the game is now free software. You can use the code of the game provided that you release your modification as free software. The license I chose was GPLv3 as I want some credit for my work.

If you use the code, it would be very nice if you would provide a link to the game page or to my site.

I will provide a some simple HTML code for making it possible to embed the game into your blog post soon!

Now it's time for bed, have fps game to continue working on tomorrow and some laborations of game design and computer graphics to finish.

Check out the updated version!

Daveroids 0.5 released!

Renamed my little asteroids project to Daveroids (I'm soo creative!) The big changes in this release is in the gameplay. The ship now moves smooth and is accelerating if you hold forward. It behaves more like a real space ship :)

Some new features in the game is about how you can score in the game. If you shoot asteroids and don't miss, you get a nice multiplier that multiplies the points you get for every asteroid. There is also some bonus points after every level is cleared which is calculated by the accuracy you have through the game.

As usual you can download the game at the project page.

Mars Roover made with primitives and vertices.

Mars Roover

Here is my submission for my latest assignement in the Computer Graphics course i'm currently studying in. It's made with XNA Game Studio 3.1 and uses only primitives and vertices. I have different vertices with different colors and indices that connects them. All made with just code, no 3D modeling program whats so ever!

It's a little sad that I cannot use linux for these courses but on the other hand, it was quite easy to develop this in XNA.

In the future, I hope to develop some OpenGL applications for Android but right now it's XNA that's in focus. :/

Download the executable file for Windows and have a look!

If anyone want to look at the source code, I can upload it here later.

Web design updated

As you can see, I have now updated my web design on this site. It's build with HTML5 and I hope It's going to be easier for search engines to read the information on this site.It's still a bit work in progress though. I wanted a more open white design where I wasn't bound to have a header for every page. (It's still going to be different headers for different sections). I also wanted the site to be more simple and easier to use. I have implemented @font-face which only works in the latest browser such as Firefox 3.5 but if you're using one of those, it looks pretty nice!

Some more work left is to rebuild the underlying system (again) to allow blog posts to be shown in a project page and also show tags for each article or blog post.

I have also started to build a mobile version for Android and Iphone devices but right now you will not see any design at all as the CSS is almost empty. Check back soon with your mobile for a mobile version! ;-)