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Forsaken Islands

Forsaken Islands were from the beginning a 2d game made as a highschool project. The game were not finished and were running very slowly using java's graphics 2d library.

The meaning with the project was to make a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game) that let you create multiple characters and level them up in a world with a fantasy theme. There were also big plans on making different islands with different races that could fight against each other, each with their own religion, of course! Some RTS elements were also thought of so you should be able to damage buildings in a village and conquer different regions.

The goal we had in highschool was to make a playable game where different players could fight each other. We got highest grade on the project even if the game run very slow.

The server is now down and we doesn't have time to work on it anymore. But in the future some of us will maybe start working on it again.